Green Vegetables

Tower Garden


Eat local, from Tower to table!

How to grow a lot of food in a little space

Tower Garden represents the next generation of urban farming. This highly efficient aeroponic growing system allows you to grow massive amounts of produce in a tiny amount of space — in about half the time of traditional soil-based agriculture, using just a fraction of the water and space!

Tower Garden is:

Efficient: Grows 20 plants in just 2.5 feet by 2.5 feet of space
Eco-Friendly: Uses one tenth the water and land required by traditional growing and virtually eliminates the need to ship and store produce
Easy: Easy to assemble, and there’s no weeding, tilling, or kneeling
Cost Effective: Lasts a lifetime and easily pays for itself — typically in about 2 years
Safe: Made from USDA-approved UV-stabilized, food grade plastic

How does it work?
Unlike hydroponics, aeroponics uses no growing medium. Water and nutrients are continuously cycling through the Tower, showering the plants’ roots.

What can I grow?
Tower Garden is versatile enough to grow almost any fruit or vegetable that doesn’t grow on a tree (such as an apple) or in the soil (like potatoes) — as well as a variety of herbs and flowers.

Here is a very partial list of what is possible to grow:

* Beans
* Broccoli
* Chard
* Cucumbers
* Lettuce
* Melons
* Peas
* Squash
* Strawberries
* Tomatoes
* Basil
* Cilantro
* Lavender
* Lemon Grass
* Mint
* Oregano
* Parsley
* Rosemary
* Marigolds
* Sunflowers

For more information please contact Jennifer Liba:

(323) 834-9812